IDO European Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary Championship - MACEDONIA - ODWOŁANE!!!

Szanowni Państwo


Poniżej przesyłam informację od Pani Fiony Johnson, Vice Prezydenta IDO Sport & Education.

Niestety IDO European Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary Championships są odwołane.




Dear IDO members,


First let me thank you for showing your willingness to support the IDO European Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary Championships that should take place in Skopje, North Macedonia.

Due to new governmental restrictions, the Organizer has no choice to cancel the event. Please read the bellow attached letter.


Please, contact the Organizer directly for any future questions, also regarding already booked accommodation (only for the ones that have booked it with the Organizer, the rest you must do it with the hotel directly).


Thank you and thank you for understanding.


Kind regards,


Fiona Johnson


IDO Vice president for

Sport & Education




Dear Fiona and dear Velibor ,

First of all I would like to express my gratitude for all your support during this hard times.


Dear Fiona , thank you for your time, understanding, and advices how to prepare for the European Championships and after long break finally to have IDO Championship.


Unfortunately despite all our efforts, enthusiasm, our government have decided that every person above 18 years must be vaccinated if they want to go to a restaurant, any kind of event, birthday, seminar, workshops, shopping malls etc.


We have found a solution (Plan B) to organize the event on open space with everything covered (dressing rooms, wc, room for judges, big stage 18*15) but this stupid goverenment decision is also applied on events on open space.


We have no choice but to cancel the event.

We cannot ask no one to get vaccinated because freedom of choice is the basic human right. 


We are very sorry for this, but also we have given 300% effort to make this event happen, but not under this circumstances.

We also apologize to all IDO NMO , especially the dancers that were preparing for Skopje. We know its a big disappointment but we gave our best.


Hope that you understand and support our decision.


We also would like to ask you for a favor if its possible the European Championships to be held in 2022 in Macedonia (Skopje or the beutifull city of Ohrid are the cities that would love to support the event)


You have link with the official decision from the government from today.


Best regards from Skopje,